Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively and we know that our wellbeing can ebb and flow depending on the situation we are facing. 


We all want to improve our wellbeing but finding the time and energy to look after ourselves can be challenging, especially with the daily demands of life and often unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves.


How would you feel if you had all the resources to navigate the highs and lows that we all experience in our daily lives?

At Awareness Co. we provide engaging, educational and practical programs to support individuals and businesses on improving wellbeing motivation and ability. We use the latest research and tools in positive psychology to help individuals thrive. 


Do you have a Wellbeing program in place? Don't know where to start? Want a program that suits everyone?



The Wellbeing Lab

Research consistently shows that when people are thriving at work, on average they are:















As proud licensees of The Wellbeing Lab we specialise in tailoring and delivering wellbeing programs that reflect the needs of your employees and work environment. Our wellbeing practices are anchored in positive psychology and include daily mindsets, behaviour change and leadership techniques. Some of the themes we cover include boosting resilience, reducing stress, developing individual strengths, and creating better connections. To find out how you can take some simple steps to proactively support your employees' wellbeing, get in touch today!



The ability to train the mind to stillness and focused attention has enormous benefits to all areas of our life as well as our physical and mental health. Mindfulness is a skill you can learn and cultivate. The practice can increase your sense of personal confidence, resilience and professional effectiveness. 


Participants in our Mindfulness programs/activities have reported:


  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Better regulation of emotions

  • Less worry, anxiety and stress

  • More energy and vitality


Do you want to be happier and more productive? 

Awareness Co. offers introductory courses, throughout the Illawarra and South Coast NSW in collaboration with our partner, Mindfulness Works Australia. 

What Next?

Awareness Co. makes it easy for you, bringing a wellbeing program to your premises – before, during or after work. This is about organisational wellness, designed to improve focus and concentration, healthy self-confidence and morale. The practices are engaging and practical, supporting a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.


We offer unique and flexible programs that can be tailored to meet your strategic goals, vision and values and training objectives.

Book your free 20 minute Wellbeing at Work consultation to quickly understand how you can take action for your workplace.




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