Workplace Wellbeing

Why Invest in Workplace Wellbeing?

It isn’t just about having a positive and productive workforce – it makes good business sense and impacts your bottom line!

Safe Work Australia reports that workers who are absent from the workplace due to a mental health condition are likely to be away 4 times longer compared to other injuries or conditions. Workers Compensation costs have dramatically increased, and burnout is on the rise.
What would this cost your business?

Aside from experiencing a positive culture and working environment, recent Australian research shows that leaders who express genuine compassion, appreciation and care, results in their people having a statistically higher ability to manage their own wellbeing.
Are you confident your leaders have all the tools to support their people?

Studies have found that when people have higher levels of wellbeing they are:

More Likely To Feel More Engaged
More Likely To Be More Productive
More Likely To Be Satisfied With Their Job
Less Likely To Experience Unhealthy Days
Less Likely To Burn Out
Less Likely To Quit

In addition, workplaces that choose to invest in employee wellbeing and have happy and engaged workers, on average experience:

Fewer Safety Incidents
Lower Absenteeism
Lower Turnover
More Likely To Be Seen As Creative And Innovative
High Customer Ratings
Higher Over Average Shareholder Return
Not Sure Where To Start?

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Re-energise Your Team

Do you have everything you need to help your people bring their best self to work?

Leaders have so much on their plate these days and it’s a stressful juggle managing the struggles of their team members as well as their own! Throw in some organisational change and a few economic pressures and the balance is gone…

The Life Balance

Riding the waves of struggle and thrive: Your wellbeing blueprint

The first workshop in our WellAware series is all about helping people discover where they are at on the wellbeing balance and understanding that struggle is normal! In this workshop we will:

Introduce people to the concept of wellbeing, and that moving between thriving and struggling are normal
Share the six elements that shape a person’s wellbeing and how these apply in our work and personal lives
Provide practical tools to improve wellbeing.

Running Low on Energy

Building connections: Optimising your energy at work through strengths

Leaders and their teams are tired. Words like “burnout” and “exhaustion” are getting thrown around and we are trying to rebuild connection and collaboration in a whole new world. The struggle leaders face with reconnecting and rebuilding their teams has never been more real. In this workshop we will:

Highlight factors that contribute to the ‘always on’ way of working, and the risk of burnout without realising
Discover practical ways to increase your energy by using your strengths at work and in life
Encourage you to use a Strengths-Based approach within your team, so that you can utilise peoples’ strengths and energies to create greater engagement.

Resilience is Exhausting

Are you tired of being resilient? Prioritising rest, recovery and wellbeing sustainability

Easier said than done because if was that easy – we’d all be doing it! It’s hard enough prioritising it for ourselves let alone our team of people. Our WellAware program is not just about taking the latest buzzword or research and applying it to everyone, it is about recognising that we are all different and what works for one won’t work for another. In this workshop we will:

Reveal how building resilience over recent years has exhausted Australian workers
Discuss the different types of rest (they may not be what you think!) and how they can look different for each person
Show how to shift your focus from ‘Time Management’ to ‘Energy Management’ to reduce fatigue and risk of burnout.

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For each workshop in the series, you will receive:

A 60-minute virtual workshop which can be scheduled into a ‘lunch and learn’, team meetings, or at a time most suitable for your workplace.

Workshop Playbook with practical tools and exercises for each team member.

Links to additional resources to continue the conversation and learnings within your team.

The Wellbeing Lab 2022 Workplace Report

Want To Learn More About The Current State Of Wellbeing In Australian Workplaces?


“With a rise in the proportion of employees who report they are “Really Struggling”, HR professionals and people managers should continue to be concerned about the impact of the evolving range of challenges that employees are facing.”

You can access a copy of The Wellbeing Lab 2022 Workplace Report now.

So you want to prioritise the wellbeing of your employees, but you don’t know where to start?

Let us take the guess work out of building your workplace wellbeing strategy by putting the latest scientific insights and evidence-based tools at your fingertips as well as creating safe spaces for your people to actively experiment and take ownership of the wellbeing approaches that work best for them.

Don’t get left behind, join the workplaces already learning how to playfully improve their wellbeing, resilience, and performance. Learn more about the “WellAware” Program.

Still not sure what you need? Let’s chat! Our free 30-minute consultation will help you to discover:
  • Why your attempts at improving employee wellbeing may fallen flat in the past and what you can do to make workplace wellbeing something that your people want to participate in.
  • How to get workplace wellbeing on the agenda without it costing you a bomb or resulting in too much down-time.
  • How to quickly and reliably gauge how your people are responding to your wellbeing program, and the effect this is having on productivity.

Free Resources

Looking for more information to fuel your motivation to book in a WellAware program or add to your business case?

Awareness Co. are committed to supporting leaders to foster psychologically safe workplaces for their teams. Whether that be through our workshops or the information and research we share, we aim to help you connect with your workers, putting the latest scientific insights and evidence-based tools at their fingertips. We create safe spaces for your people to actively experiment and take ownership of the wellbeing approaches that work best for them, so they can bring their best self to work and get the job done. Feel free to share our resources with your people and your leaders! If you find something you think we would like – share it back with us!!