HR Consulting

Our Commitment

Our HR Consultants allow you to KICKSTART change and help your workplace make more confident HR decisions. We specialise in the integration of change and special projects into your business with a focus on the people impacts.

Engaging with a HR consultant is not a sign of trouble or weakness in your workplace. From our experience (and we’ve got plenty of it), it’s actually a sign that you are committed to growth and recognise that if you don’t get those high priority projects done then everyone and everything suffers… including your culture!

Our solutions are not just off the shelf; they are customised to align with your workplace goals, ensuring compliance, employees wellbeing and efficient project implementation.

HR Consulting Solutions

Services that Propel your Workplace

HR Strategy
Employee Engagement & Retention
Workforce Planning
Strategic HR & WHS Metrics
Organisational Change
Capability Development
Workplace Culture

Why Choose Awareness Co. As your Preferred HR Partner

Strategic Partner for HR Planning

Forge a strategic partnership that extends beyond consulting. With our Strategic HR Planning service, we collaborate to integrate HR initiatives seamlessly into your organisational strategy, contributing to sustained growth.

Profound Impact Through Metrics

Experience a transformative approach to HR that goes beyond routine processes. Our focus on HR metrics ensures that your decisions are informed, strategic, and aligned with the broader objectives of your business.

Change as an Opportunity

Change is inevitable, but its success isn’t. Our Organisational Change Management approach turns challenges into opportunities, ensuring that your business emerges stronger, more cohesive, and ready for the future.

Building Leadership Capabilities

Build a workforce that stands out. Leadership capabilitity development consulting is designed to enhance not only individual skills but also the collective strengths of your business, fostering resilience and adaptability.

Ready to Transform your HR Landscape?

Elevate your HR, WHS and Leadership practices with a partner committed to strategic excellence. Contact us today for a consultation, and let’s explore how we can propel your workplace to new heights through HR metrics, capabilities, change and strategy.