Why does knowing our Strengths matter?

Our Strengths are the key to High Performance!

We all want to be successful in work and life and the easiest way to do that is to use our superpowers and play to our strengths. But as leaders and individuals, how can you leverage your strengths if you don’t know what they are? And how can you get the most out of your team if you are not playing to their unique strengths? How can you create high performing teams when you don’t know what high performance looks like?

When we put our strengths to work, we:

Feel happier and more confident
Are more able to achieve our goals
Feel motivated to do great work
Feel less drained
Become engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations.

“When we don’t know what our strengths are, we waste valuable time on things that drain us”.​

Strengths Aware Program

How do we find out what they are?

As part of our StrengthsAware Program, we use Strengths Profile, an online assessment giving you a unique profile report that reveals your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, along with possible career recommendations. We compliment your report with a one hour personalised debrief and coaching conversation with one of our experienced Strengths Practitioners who will help you:

Identify what motivates you and why
Analyse how strengths are used and what impact this has on energy and wellbeing
Understand how strengths and weaknesses impact performance
Take positive actions to improve performance and energy using strengths
Build an overall strengths action plan to improve wellbeing
Strengths Aware Program

The Business Case for StrengthsAware

What Are The Benefits In The Workplace?

We believe that when a business focuses on Strengths based leadership and teams it has an immediate positive impact on engagement, performance and culture which, of course, ultimately impacts the bottom line; if we feel good about our performance, the positive energy and emotions we experience will fuel our engagement and that of those around us.

Our StrengthsAware program will help you to discover, develop and unlock the strengths within your teams. Teams become stronger by understanding and leveraging where they are already strong!

By using the online Strengths Profile tool, you will understand how to get the best from your people by identifying what they feel they can do, can’t do, and what they enjoy doing. When people understand and use their strengths effectively, this has a direct impact on businesses, such as:

Improved productivity, employee engagement and positive culture
Reduced turnover, absenteeism, workers compensation, and associated costs
Better collaboration, teamwork and innovation
A stronger, more resilient and mentally aware workforce.