Quarterly Safety Circles

Who is the Safety Circle Program for?

The Safety Circle Program is designed for organisations who wish to continue to:

Meet their consultation obligations by engaging in regular conversation with their people
Obtain real time information and reporting from their people around the hazards
Act when it comes to addressing psychosocial hazards in the workplace
Control the narrative around a safe to speak culture
Leverage existing routines, rituals, and rules to embed safety and care practices
Enhance and support a culture of safety and care

The Program not only assists in meeting your obligations, it also positively impacts your organisational culture and assists in efforts to reduce workers compensation claims. Research has consistently found that workers who perceive their organisation as “caring and safe” report the highest levels of performance, wellbeing, and psychological safety. They also report the lowest levels of burnout and fewer frequencies of all the psychosocial hazards.

How Do We Do This?

Using a framework, we work with you to facilitate a Safety Circle in your business every quarter. It is a simple and cost effective way to stay on track with identifying and addressing your workplace stressors with minimal impact on the business. Each quarter you receive and participate in:

60-minute business discovery – understand what is happening/planned for the quarter
Focus group of your choice – targeted role/team specific or mixed participation
Qualified insights from the focus group
Priority areas for action planning for the quarter, including templates
Suggested communication with templates included

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