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Leader Aware Program

You’re the kind of manager who wants to lead a team that is engaged, effective, and working towards the business vision, mission, and strategy. But right now, you’re finding that it’s hard to focus on team development when your people are so caught up in the daily grind that leaves them exhausted, disgruntled, and wondering…what is all this for? Is it all worth it? And how can I fix it?

The problem is when you spend all your time fixing the problems, it can end up costing you more both financially and mentally! Evidence shows that when you focus on weaknesses your productivity decreases by more than 25%. When you focus on leadership development and fostering people’s strengths your productivity increases by more than 35%.

Grounded in the latest research and science of wellbeing and leadership, our LeaderAware Program is presented with a playful, blended learning approach that sparks conversation and builds skills for individuals and teams to use immediately to improve performance, resilience, strategic awareness and connection.

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Leader Aware Program

Results You Will See

Our LeaderAware program consists of modules that are delivered over time to allow participants to practice and share experiences in between learning. No more throw the fancy workbook in the drawer and go back to old habits! After attending the program, leaders have reported that they have experienced:

Improved Connection

More conscious connection with their team members resulting in more open discussion and more people turning their cameras on!

Issue Resolution

The ability to tackle issues confidently and appropriately before they turn into big issues

Better Engagement

Greater engagement and positivity within their teams which in turn leaders to greater performance and productivity

Improved Morale

and lower absenteeism

Improved Performance

More productive and effective performance conversations

Better Results

As people work together and understand how they contribute to the bigger picture!