Day One for new employees and why it’s so important to get it right

Day One for new employees and why it’s so important to get it right
5 tips to help your new employee flourish

We can all think back to a first day as a new employee and the bundle of excited nerves it can bring…. on the flip side, we know it can be just as daunting, as a leader, to ensure you create a welcoming environment, set clear expectations and remember all those pesky forms to be filled in!

Want to help your people flourish from day one? Keep reading to discover our 5 top tips!

1. Prepare the paperwork

This actually should occur BEFORE day one. Ensuring all forms have been completed beforehand allows you to focus on more meaningful interactions on the employees’s first day. Follow-up on anything outstanding to avoid administrative errors down the track.


2. Make it a team event

Take the time to introduce everyone in your team, what their job is and how they fit into the new starter’s role. Allowing time to build connections is essential in fostering a positive team culture.

3. Communicate your plan

Block out a couple of hours for this one! Sit down with your new employee and clearly communicate their role description and key duties. This should include business expectations such as goals, KPIs, and how they will be tracked, as well as more practical information such as rosters, payroll, and dress-code. This is also a great time to set up calendar events such as one-on-ones and probation checkpoints to ensure the clear communication continues.

4. Provide a mentor

Partner your new employee up with someone who knows the ropes and can provide guidance, advice and encouragement throughout the first few months. This not only helps your new starter develop professionally, but creates a support network for you, and, develops the mentor’s leadership skills. Winning!

5. Surprise and delight them!

This can really be whatever you want… Cater a team lunch, leave a hamper on the new employee’s desk, fill their office with balloons, hire a cartoon artist to do a team caricature…whatever! This is a perfect opportunity to introduce your new starter to your team’s fun and playful side, so get creative.

What tips do you have to create a positive welcome? What has been successful for you?

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