​Whether you are a business owner, a leader, a decision maker or an employee, we all have a desire to enjoy what we do each day. Aside from the cliche “love what you do” how can you show up each day and perform at your best if you don’t know what that looks like?

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It is our mission and passion to help businesses, leaders and people see how a focus on Strengths positively impacts the bottom line, their work and their lives.

An organisation that focuses their performance efforts on “fixing” the shortfalls or closing the performance gaps will experience a cost to their bottom line. Having been Senior Leaders in the Corporate world, we know that this does not sound right however evidence shows that a focus on weaknesses decreases our productivity by more than 25% yet a focus on strengths increases our productivity by more than 35%. How is this so?

If we can feel good about our performance, the positive energy and emotions we experience will fuel our engagement and that of those around us. Considering only 1/3 of people have any meaningful understanding of what their strengths are, our Strengths Coaching programs are the key to unlocking your talent, positive energy and engagement.

How does it work?

The Strengths Profile is a fast online tool with a report available for the participant almost immediately. As experienced Strengths Practitioners, our coachng conversations assist by:

  • Identifying strengths using the reliable, valid and well-known Strengths Profile tool

  • Analysing how strengths are used and what impact this has on energy and wellbeing

  • Understand how strengths and weaknesses impact performance

  • Taking positive actions to improve performance and energy using strengths

  • Building an overall Strengths Action Plan to improve wellbeing

  • Supporting teams and leaders to build Strengths into everyday working life

What are the Benefits?

Awareness Co’s holistic approach to performance looking at strengths, how they are used and the energy that individuals experience will:

  • Improve productivity and performance

  • Improve employee engagement and positively impact culture

  • Reduce turnover and absenteeism

  • Reduce staff costs in relation to recruitment, wellbeing, workers compensation and absenteeism

  • Build a stronger, resilient and mentally aware workforce

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