To create a positive pathway for people to flourish in business, work and life we must start with self. 

GROW is a program designed to bring awareness to wellbeing, strengths and resilience whilst personally developing individuals and teams for enhanced performance and productivity. With 4 modules developed on the foundations of positive psychology and wellbeing, the program is structured in a way that allows participants to move from their current state to a point of mindfulness, acceptance, clarity and meaning.


Who should attend GROW?


GROW is suitable for any individual in any role/career at any stage of their life. We developed GROW based on our own experiences and the challenges that our clients and many workplaces face today, some of which include:

  • Increased stress at work due to large workloads, time pressures, focus on KPI's/Targets, instability and constant change

  • Financial strain and personal/family issues

  • Need to multi-task in a fast paced environment

  • Performance Management focussed on addressing weaknesses

  • Poor employee engagement and low morale

  • Increased turnover and absenteeism due to illness

  • Poor leadership and lack of direction


Do any of the above relate to you? Our public GROW program provides a safe, open and positive environment outside of the workplace and the everyday rush of life. It is an ideal program for individuals that experience stress and perhaps anxiety in their current role at work or in their personal life. 

Our workplace GROW program can also be held for whole teams within a workplace and is a great opportunity for personal growth and development whilst building a positive team culture with a strengths-based productivity focus.

What will participants gain from GROW?

The program gives you the benefit of starting with something that you have direct control over - you. Starting with self helps us understand how to make a positive choice on how we "show up" each day to have a positive impact on those around us at home and at work. Participants will leave with:

  • Awareness of self for positive personal development

  • Having explored, understood & practiced Mindfulness

  • A renewed awareness of the link between thoughts and emotions and how they impact our behaviour and actions

  • A focus on positive engagement and creating enriching interactions with customers/clients, colleagues and those in our personal life

  • A clear understanding of Strengths for improved energy, performance and productivity 

  • An Expert Report for future reference and goal setting following completion of the Strengths Profile and a personal 1:1 debrief

  • Discovery of meaning in day-to-day work and life activities and understand how to connect these with positive goals.

Contact us to discuss how we can deliver this program for you and your team with an ability to focus content on any challenges you may face.

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